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DeWALT DCP580B Review

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For those that need a good planer, there is truly no other tool that serves as a worthy equivalent. However, how can one know what planer is best for them? Well, you have to read up on it, don’t you? That is where we come into play. Today we will be taking an up close and personal look at the DeWALT DCP580B 20V Max Brushless Planer to determine if it is the right tool for your needs!

What’s In The Box?

  • Planer
  • User Guide
  • Guide Fence
  • Wrench

You’re getting pretty much what you would expect to get with a tool of this nature. While it is always nice to get an extra set of blade changes, the package is nevertheless still enough to almost get you started from right out of the box which is really all that you can ask of the package.

The only major component that it is missing is a battery and charger, which is actually somewhat of a drag, but these components of the tool can be purchased at the same time for a relatively small additional cost.


  • Item Weight: 6.8 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8 X 6.9 X 16 Inches.
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Voltage: 20 Volts

Pros & Cons

Now that we have examined the more basic pieces of information regarding this tool, let’s dive a little bit deeper as we take a look at the pros and cons to see how the features of this device stack up to your needs.


Needless to say, as wood workers we want our power tools to be powerful, and this one certainly is. The powerful, brushless motor featured on this unit is capable of delivering an impressive 32,000 cuts per minute. The power will add options to your work and make it easier to work through harder materials.

The belt on the DeWALT DCP580B is designed to be as durable as possible which aids greatly in durability. Durability is always an important aspect of any power tool, especially for the amount of wear and tear that the average tool encounters on a day at the job, every bit of added durability helps.

Calibrated Depth Adjustment Knob
The calibrated depth adjustment knob featured on this unit is set to 5/64” which leads to more precision in your work.

The DCP580B also features an aluminum shoe that helps ensure that your cuts are as parallel as possible. Features like this make it easy to keep your cuts accurate so your work is error free. Since making parallel cuts is indeed one of the primary functions of the planer, you are sure to appreciate the ease with which this model allows you to accomplish them.

This model also features a kickstand that will allow you to rest your tool on your workpiece without needing to worry about gouging the material. It is a small but nice feature that will help maintain the integrity of your work piece.

To be fair, the portability is more a product of this tools classification than it is anything that Dewalt actually did to earn it. This is a handheld planer, meaning it is naturally meant to be more portable than its stationary table top equivalent. Portability is a very obvious pro for the contractor that needs to take their equipment with them to jobsites but it is also a feature that the average do it yourselfer should not underestimate either. A portable tool is easy to store which will save you precious space in your shop, and it is also easy to move around the house in case you have some on site work that needs to be done.


Slim Pickin’
The only major con of this unit is the lack of included battery and charger, the battery and charger are sold sepereately and will need to be purchased to use this tool. The planer still offers great bang for the buck, even without these accessories being included in the box.


The Dewalt DCP580B features a limited three-year warranty. Essentially, what you are getting here is protection against manufacturers defects. If you encounter any problems (like the one listed above) that are the result of a manufacturers error, and it is within the three-year protection period you can have your tool fixed or replaced with minimal hassle. Naturally, the warranty does not protect against malfunctions that are the fault of the tool owner, so be careful how you use your planer.


My overall opinion is that the DeWALT DCP580B is a useful tool that is sure to enhance the quality of your shop. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and my personal opinion is that it provides a good balance of features and value. I am also of the mind that the cons are fairly insubstantial in regards to this unit. I would certainly like to see the battery included, but it is also not a deal breaker (at least for my purposes).

If you want a tool that is powerful, consistent, and infinitely useful, then look no further than the Dewalt DCP580B!

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