DEWALT DW089K Review

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Look no further than DeWALT’s DW089K 3-Beam Self-Leveling Line Laser for a line laser that will make your work at the job site quicker and more accurate.

The single-button operation system, micro-adjustment knob and the fantastic 3-beam layout makes jobs such as drop ceilings, cabinet installation, windows, chair rails, and plumb jobs become a breeze. Read on as we go in-depth with this excellent laser level.

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What’s In the Box?

Laser levels do feature various accessories that help make the job easier, let’s take a look inside the box and see what we get with this unit.

  • Ceiling Mount
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Hard Carry Case

The included accessories are a great addition to this laser, the carrying case makes packing and transporting the level a breeze while the ceiling mount adds a ton of flexibility on where the level can be placed in order to get the perfect measurement.


  • Accuracy: ⅛’ @ 30 FT
  • Range: 50 FT (165 FT with Detector)
  • Laser Color: Red
  • Average Runtime: 30 hours
  • Built-In Magnetic Pivot Bracket

Pros & Cons

Now that we know all of the specifications, let’s examine some of the pros and cons of this unit to better understand whether or not it is a good fit for your toolbox.


Micro Adjustment Knob
The micro adjustment knob makes precise alignment easy by allowing adjustments in small increments, no longer do you have to worry about accidentally “over-adjusting” when dialing in your level.

Built-in Magnetic Pivot Bracket & Ceiling Mount
The included ceiling mount is an essential accessory for acoustical ceiling installation while the built-in magnetic bracket firmly attaches to various metallic surfaces, such as metal beams, metal studs studs, and even piping. The level also features standard 1/4″ tripod mounting threads.

Great Visibility & Accuracy
With a 2 times brighter diode over standard diodes you can expect much greater visibility in sunny, daytime conditions and over long distances, although direct sunlight may still present an issue.

Plumb Bob
Thanks to the 3-beam laser layout, this level also does an exceptional job when used as a plumb bob. The three lasers project a cross-hair pattern when pointed at the floor or ceiling and provide a great set of visual indicators for a plumb job. This somewhat hidden, lesser-known feature only adds to the versatility of this level.


No Pendulum Lock
The absence of an included pendulum lock is a strange choice for this laser level. Most other lasers do feature a locking mechanism within this price range so the DW089K being the exception has us scratching our heads. Without a pendulum lock it is hard to guarantee that the laser will be true forever, especially after rough handling or transportation from one jobsite to another. Some adjustments may be needed to keep the device calibrated.


The warranty on this particular tool is better than what we usually see featuring a three-year limited warranty along with one-year of free service; a great addition should the laser require any maintenance.

The limited warranty covers any errors pertaining to craftsmanship or electronic components. If, however, you alter your laser in any way, the warranty becomes void.


While it does feature a few downsides, mainly the lack of a pendulum lock, the DW089K is still a major improvement over previously available laser levels. The 3-beam layout greatly increases the versatility of this tool making it an ideal all-in-one choice for your leveling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DW089K features a 1/4″ x 20 thread mount, located on the bottom of the unit. Most camera tripods should work as well as standard surveyor’s tripods as long as the thread pattern is correct.
Yes, the head of the laser can be adjusted to point horizontally or vertically, depending on application.
The lasers will rapidly flicker when the unit is out of level, either horizontally or vertically.

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