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Bosch is expanding the multi-use laser market with its new user-friendly laser. The GCL 25 five-point self-leveling alignment laser with cross-line proves to be very practical. With five beam points, the laser shots up, down, forwards, as well as left and right. This feature, combined with the continuous cross lines (both horizontal and plumb) saves you the time and money of buying and setting up two lasers at your project site.

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What’s In The Box?

  • GCL 25 Five-Point Self Leveling Alignment Laser
  • BM1 Positioning Device
  • L-BOXX Storage Case
  • Belt Pouch
  • 4 AA Batteries


  • Dimensions: 6.1”L x 4.6”H x 2.2”W
  • Weight: 1.32lb
  • Laser Diode: Class II 635-670 nm
  • Lockable Pendulum

Pros & Cons

Now that we have established a basic understanding of this product, let’s further examine it by taking a closer look at the pros and cons.


Five Point Alignment Laser
The Bosch GCL 25 features a 5 point alignment laser and cross line that allows you to easily examine vertical and horizontal leveling, squaring, plumb transfer, and layouts. With two lasers in place of one, you can save time, money, and space completing projects.

It eliminates the need for time-consuming calculations, bubble level vials, framing squares, and chalk lines. So if you are looking to improve productivity, this handy multi-use laser may be your answer.

The five laser points are clearly seen up to 100 feet and are accurate to 1/4 of an inch for points and 1/8 inch for cross-line. When using the laser lines, you will find visibility goes up to 33 feet.

Ease of Use & Battery Life
Using the GCL 25 is as simple as pushing one button. The laser’s one button allows you to switch between the various self-leveling modes or switch to slope mode.

Your product comes with 4 “AA” batteries included as well as an automatic shut-off function to help preserve battery life. This automatic shut-off kicks in when no button is pushed for 30 minutes. If your project requires continuous operation, no worries, as you can turn this feature off.

When using your laser for cross and point line operation, your batteries will last around 12 hours. When using the 5-point mode expect, the battery life to last 20 hours, and for line only use, 30 hours.

The battery indicator light will flash 3 times to let you know that the batteries are running low and then the laser beams will flash for 5 seconds every 10 minutes to remind you. Once they start flashing you will have approximately 1 hour remaining.

Self-Leveling with Option Slope Modes
In the self-leveling mode, the GCL 25 includes a leveling range of 4° and usually only takes 4 seconds to level. The tool alerts you with flashing lines when you make an out-of-level measurement of greater than 4° when automatic leveling isn’t possible. This is when you can switch to manual mode to set your angles.

Sturdy Construction
The GCL 25comes with a sliding on-off button that provides a pendulum lock function to protect the laser during transport and storage. Thanks to this handy feature, you don’t have to worry about knocking your pendulum out of alignment!

The GCL 25 has an IP54 protection rating. Sturdy plastic forms the body with over mold in key impact areas to protect it from the bumps and bruises of a construction site. Its sturdy design guarantees it to be dust and water resistant.


Range Issues
If you working on bigger projects you may want to consider a different laser. When it comes to cons, the Bosch GCL 25 has a smaller range, which makes it a great candidate for indoor projects but less effective at large ranges. The laser is limited to this range and will fade out.

Laser Visibility
Though adequate in most situations, brighter conditions do tend to wash out the laser line making it difficult to see. We recommend the use of laser enhancing glasses, such as the Bosch 57-GLASSES, especially when used outdoors or in brighter settings.

Warranty Details

The manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service when purchasing the product through Amazon. Bosch offers a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, but if you register your product within 8 weeks of purchase you can receive an extended warranty of 2 years.


The Bosch GCL 25 is lighter than most comparable models on the market. The DEWALT DW087k, for example, weighs in at 3.5 pounds compared to Bosch’s 1.32 pounds. The GCL 25 is also more compact, making it ideal for smaller projects. Its weight makes it a breeze to manage and move around and the beam is sufficient for smaller distances.

Though small, this laser level provides an impressive array of applications. You can use it to transfer points to the ceiling or install lighting with ease using plumb points. You can level wall sockets, light switches, railings, kitchen counter tops, and more with its leveling applications.

Squaring room partitions and walls has never been easier with the tool set in the five-point mode and you can lay out frame tracks with more confidence. The included BM1 Multi-Purpose positioning device allows you to mount your laser and hold it in place with straps, raceways, or screws. The BM1 also has a strong magnet that allows you to position it to steel beams.

If you love home improvement projects, renovations, and repairs the GCL 25 Self-leveling Cross-line 5 Point laser is an excellent tool to add to your collection. It’s specified range and a wide array of functions makes it ideal for indoor applications. It provides the unique benefit of two lasers in one and will greatly improve your productivity on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the included carrying case is made from a soft, canvas material.
No, this laser level cannot be used with a receiver to increase the distance. The point distance is up to 100 ft. while the line distance is up to 30 ft.
Yes, if necessary, you can choose to override the self-leveling feature and manually dial in your alignment setting.

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